A Moment in Nature Holey Land Wildlife Management Area

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Learn More: Holey Land Wildlife Management Area

“I start crying in earnest but there’s joy there, too. I cover my face with my hands, wanting to see my dad so much that I can hardly breathe. I sit back a while later and wipe my face with the sleeve of my T-shirt. I know that I grieved for him in all the wrong ways. I know that all he feels for me is love. And even though he can’t be here physically, now I know where I can find him. I take a deep breath and let my newfound freedom rush through me, returning the courage that I’ve held back from myself for far too long. I stop thinking. I stop worrying and questioning and without second-guessing, I open the journal, pick up my pen and start to write.”

Talk Bookish to Me: A Novel
Kate Bromley