A Moment in Nature Savannah Sparrow


It was my pleasure to capture still life and video of this tiny little Savanah Sparrow while visiting the historical Fort Clinch State Park. And I had consciously or unconsciously chosen Sara Winemans book Still Life to read a week ago. I believe, the universe placed this book in my path as I was not looking for a story built around a flood, family, friends, art and war to read during a long weekend stay at Katies Light, a lovely, pole and beam house located on the beach walkable to the Fort Clinch Park. However, I do tend to giggle over these moments of universal clarity.

“Evelyn cleared her throat. She said, I saw a lone rower carving across the Arno. The foothills were darkening, and the cypress trees around San Miniato were topped by a ghostly mist. Ochre walls appeared more golden as the sun softened. Lights appeared throughout the city and took their place on the surface of the river. The rower slipped through this spectacle of light. Water dripped off the blades of his oars, and momentarily, I was in that drip. Falling into the green twilight depths of history.” – Still Life by Author Sarah Winman