A Moment in Nature Cedar Point Preserve

“She brought out a large kite. It had a metal frame and was covered by heavy white canvas. The tail was a thick cord a good fifty, sixty feet in length and attached to the cord was a dozen or so hooks ready and baited. She secured the handling rope around the balcony rail and when the wind was in the right direction, she launched the kite off the balcony and guided it beyond the reef and steered it like a craft so that the tail and the hooks dipped into the sea. Up it swooped, down it swooped, and that bait came alive to fishy mouths. It didn’t take long for her to shout and for me to help pull in the kite, and on my word, seven fish were hooked and flying through the air towards us. Oh, the weight of it, Drake! But we pulled it in and unhooked the fish, and an hour later the kitchen was filled with the smell of cooking and the son lifted his head off the bed and out of grief to the unmistakable smell of freshly caught sea bass cooking over a burning stove.” A Year of Marvelous Ways by Sarah Winman