A Moment in Nature Holey Land Wildlife Management Area

Learn More: Florida Nature Trackers Learn More: Holey Land Wildlife Management Area “I start crying in earnest but there’s joy there, too. I cover my face with my hands, wanting to see my dad so much that I can hardly breathe. I sit back a while later and wipe my face with the sleeve of…

A Moment in Nature Sandhill Crane

Surrender, if you are a seeker of union find your place in the heart of nothingness. While still in the cage of your being behold the spirit bird before it flies away. Since you were once drunk on eternity pick up the sword of now and strike the ego. Remove the dregs of separation, become…

A Moment in Nature Sanderling

“As a naturalist, you need to have empathy and intuition—and love. You’ve got to be prepared to look at a murmuration of starlings and be filled with awe at the amazing agility of these birds. How do they fly in a flock of several thousand without touching at all, and yet have such close formations,…

A Moment in Nature Wolf Lake Park

“I feel so intensely the delights of shutting oneself up in a little world of one’s own, with pictures and music and everything beautiful.”― Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out

A Moment in Nature Volunteer Park Natural Wetlands Area

“It’s not only birds who struggle. We speak in metaphor of being “drawn like a moth to the flame,” and we see moths entranced and fluttering about our porch lights. But moths are not drawn to it, they are, like birds, confused by it, their navigational systems scrambled.” – Rooted by Author Lyanda Fern Lynn…

A Moment in Nature Yellow crowned Night Heron

“Then the sugar people had to irrigate to plant their cane. They back pumped their irrigation water into the lake, along with all the pesticides, fertilizer, dead cats and old boots that the water had absorbed. As the waters around the lake receded, the rich peat used in raising the sugar cane was depleted from…

A Moment in Nature Longmeadow Riverfront Conservation

“Once upon a time, there was a family of Celtic women with healing hands and giving hearts, who knew the value of the earth and used its abundance to heal, to soothe, to comfort” Midnight at the Blackbird Café: A Novel Heather Webber

A Moment in Nature Everglades

“The source can be only the beginning in time and space, and the end is the future and the unknown. What we can know lies somewhere between.” The Everglades: River of Grass by Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Robert Fink

A Moment in Nature Peeps

Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth. – Susan L. Taylor