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A Moment in Nature Common Gallinule


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart -Helen Keller

A Moment in Nature Gray Kingbird

May the road rise up to meet you – Irish Blessing

On my morning bike rides I stop to photograph and/or film nature, flora and fauna to better my understanding of the nature around me. My purpose is to share my passion of natural history with others through photographs, video and art. However, this morning, I feel I must write this message to the universe in a need to pay forward this random act of kindness I recieved.

I was feeling weighted down with negative vibes and I went for a bike ride to release them and then I dropped my bike on a trail which added physical pain to my already troubled heart and mind. As I limped my bike back down the path to a place to lick my wounds, I saw these signs. Random acts of kindness posted on the street posts along the path. I photographed them one by one and during this simple process I was returned to my natural state of Stoicism. I wanted to pay it forward, to help another, to recognize the spirit that helped heal my wounds.

Thank you for reading,

Be Kind.


A Moment in Nature Great White Egret

Great Egret (Ardea alba)

I never for a day gave up listening to the songs of our birds, or watching their peculiar habits, or delineating them in the best way I could. John James Audubon

a sample of observing & recording birds I see on my morning bike ride

bird of prey perched on highest pine

constantly searching for food

Predator constantly listening and understanding prey to ensure next meal

One last prune and then fly across the field high in an oak tree to hunt prey

A Moment in Nature Purple Martin

Everyone likes birds. What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears, as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird – Sir David Attenborough